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Environmental benefit drives interest in carbon offsets
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Despite the fact that carbon offsets continue to come under attack as a means of relinquishing responsibility for cutting carbon, the latest Carbon Management and Offsetting Trends Survey Report 2009 shows that 90% of companies rate the environmental benefits as their key motivation in carbon offsetting.

Highlights of the research, which sampled 280 global, multinational and regional organisations, and 31 carbon companies, included the following

Over three quarters of companies have implemented or have started developing a carbon management strategy
• Two thirds of respondents have already offset their carbon emissions or will consider offsetting in the future
• Environmental benefits (91%) were highlighted as one of the main motivations for interest in carbon offsets, closely  followed by carbon neutrality and marketing (89%)
• 72% of participants nominated the US as the most desirable geographic region for purchasing offsets; this may reflect the desire for domestic projects as 56% of the respondents came from North America. Africa and South America were also rated as highly desirable locations for emission reduction projects
• Respondents prefer renewable energy projects above any other project type with solar scoring 92% and wind 86%

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